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Welcome to Edwin Lam’s website  

Before browsing my website, you must read the following Disclosure Forms

which are created by Real Estate Council starting June 15, 2018.

Being a licensed professional real estate agent, I must  deliver these disclosure  forms

to the public before I can start working or answering the public questions.


Disclosure of Representation in Trading Service


Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties


Agreement Regarding  Conflict and  Interest between Clients 


Privacy Notice and Consent


Effective June 15, 2018 licensees must make disclosures to consumers earlier than has previously been the norm in the real estate industry. The Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services and the Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties introduce some changes into the practices that many licensees are accustomed to following with potential clients. 

I must make a Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services to the consumer before providing them with any type of trading services to a consumer.   

This means providing the disclosure before:

(a) advising on the appropriate price for the real estate;

(b) making representations about the real estate;

(c) finding the real estate for a party to acquire;

(d) finding a party to acquire the real estate;

(e) showing the real estate;

(f) negotiating the price of the real estate or the terms of the trade in real estate;

(g) presenting offers to dispose of or acquire the real estate;

(h) receiving deposit money paid in respect of the real estate. 

I should also provide the disclosure before learning any of the consumer’s confidential information, such as their maximum/minimum price or preferred terms. I have to make sure that I do not run the risk of creating an ‘implied agency’ relationship with the consumer.


If you are not ready to hire me as your exclusive buyer’s agent or listing agent,

I will treat  you as an unrepresented party and I can not give you any services as mentioned above..

We do not have any implied agency between us.


Start Browsing (If you start browsing my website, it means that you have read and understood the content of all disclosure forms )



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