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Buyer’s Guide

(14) Before possession date 

Before take possession of your home checklist

-Arrange with the gas and electric Utilities Company to have the meters read on possession day.

-Notify: telephone, TV cable suppliers, magazine, book, record clubs, insurance and credit card companies, newspaper delivery, diaper and dry cleaning services, gardening services, cleaning services, stock broker and accountant.

-Transfer trust or banking accounts, securities, establish new accounts.

-Transfer social, athletic, civic, religious affiliations or memberships.

-Cancel pre-authorized payments on your present house.

-Arrange transfer of medical and dental records, prescriptions and optical records.

-Arrange for the safety and care of the pets during the move.

-Obtain a supply of boxes for packing, using a color code system for each room

-Prepare a list of friends, relatives and companies with whom you have done business with. Send them all a change of address card.

-RELAX, you are now organized.


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