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Buyer’s Guide

(11) Accepted subject offer

After your subject offer is accepted you will need to do the following steps:


(1)Pay the deposit:

 After your offer is accepted, you have to to pay the deposit (5% or 10% of the purchase price) that will be kept in real estate company trust account, and  it will become part of your down payment.


(2)Have the home inspected:

As your realtor, I strongly recommend that you hire a qualified inspector to inspect the house.


(3)Finalize your mortgage.

You will need to give a copy of the Contract of Purchase and Sale and a survey plan of the property to the lender, and also the lender will require an appraisal of the property. You may need to pay the appraisal fee.


(4)Satisfy all subject clauses:

You have to try your best to complete all the subjects on or before the stated date in the Contract of Purchase and Sale. For example, if you couldn't get a mortgage and remove all subjects by the stated date, the accepted offer will be terminated.


(5)Purchase Homeowners' Insurance.

The Lender will require you to buy a fire insurance on or before the completion date.


(6)Hire a lawyer or notary public.

I will send your lawyer/notary a copy of the signed Contract of Purchase and Sale. Your lawyer/notary will:

     *Prepare a Statement of Adjustments showing the money you owe.  

     *Search the title to make sure it is free of complications.

     *Make sure the property taxes are up to date.

     *Prepare all the documents to transfer ownership to you.

     *Arrange for the transfer of money from your lender to the seller.

     *Ensure you are registered as the owner in the Land Titles Office

     *Ensure that the seller's mortgage is discharged.


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