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Buyer’s Guide

(10) Consider several factors 

When looking at a house you need to consider several factors:

(1) Exterior:

Examine the condition of the siding, roof, gutters, paint, chimneys, windows, decks and patios. (Fixing up the exterior of a house, especially adding a new roof, can be expensive.)

(2) Interior:

Is it large enough? What's the condition of the bathroom(s) and kitchen? What kind of flooring is under the carpet? Do the rooms and hallways have sufficient lighting?  Is there enough storage?

(3) Structural Problems:

Uneven floors and large cracks can indicate problems. Examine the outside of the house and see if there is any visible sinking.

(4) Mechanical Systems:

Find out the age of the heating, plumbing and electrical systems. Consider if you will have to update any of these systems.

(5) Energy Efficiency:

Check to see if the house is insulated and whether the windows are single or double paned. Older houses with no insulation and single-pane windows have greater heating costs.

(6) Basement / Drainage:

Check for leaks, cracks, water stains and mold in the basement. They could indicate poor outside drainage. Make sure there is adequate drainage around the house.

(7) Water Pressure:

 Turn on the taps or flush the toilet to make sure there is high water pressure.

(8) Pests:

Ask whether there have been problems with insects or rodents. Is there evidence of damage?

(9) Neighborhood:

Look at the condition of the houses in the neighborhood. Ask whether there are noise problems or unruly neighbors. How close is the property to schools, community center, shopping and other amenities?

(10)Z oning:

Ask your Realtor about the zoning for the property?

Are there any restrictive covenants or easements?


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