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Buyer’s Guide

(2) Better deal: True or False?

Will you get a better deal and be protected if you buy the property without your buyer's agent?        

        I discussed the above question with all my potential buyers when we first met.

       Base on my personal and professional experience and observation, there are some general disadvantage of buying a home yourself directly from the listing agent, as opposed to using Edwin Lam (Associate broker, being a licensee who meets educational and experience requirements to be a managing broker, but is providing real estate services under the supervision of a managing broker.) as your buyer's agent.

         The following remarks are not intended to dissuade you from attempting to buy your house from the listing REALTOR®, but to place the process in realistic perspective. The comments apply whether you are buying your own home or an investment property. In the end, you will have to balance the benefits and disadvantages and decide what is best for you.

  (1) Don't Save the Buyer's REALTOR® service fee

        Everyone knows that the selling price of the property already includes the real estate service fee. Let say if you will save money because of buying the property directly from the listing agent, then the house market prices will keep falling down. As we know that it is not true.

  (2) Should the REALTOR® be punished if the listing realtor sold the property successfully

        If you worked very hard, and your boss told you that he/she wanted to deduct a part of or an half of your salary at the end of the month. Would you feel happy and accept it because of your hard work? The main reason is that you worked too hard. Of course, your answer from your heart is "NO". This is the reason to explain why the house's market price doesn't keep falling down. The motivation of listing REALTOR'S® hardworking is getting the whole service fee. Otherwise, the listing REALTOR® will sit down and let the buyer's agents to bring in their potential buyers. Do you agree that an hard working person like you should be punished?

  (3) Only imagination!

        If the listing REALTOR® told the buyer that the buyer got a good deal because of no buyer's REALTOR® involved. It did not means that the listing REALTOR® reduced his/her service fee. Why am I saying that? First of all, we shall understand the role of listing REALTOR®. As a listing REALTOR®, he/she will have the responsibility to get the top selling price, and keep privacy for the seller, and can not disclose the seller's bottom price to any buyers in any situation. Therefore, the buyer thinks that they will save the buyer's REALTOR® service fee is imagination only.

  (4) Complete service and protection

        If Buyers use Edwin Lam, a professional real estate associate broker, as their buyer's REALTOR®, they will not only get the truly advice and suggestion, but also they will get the better price and condition for them because I will fight for them.

  (5) More choice

        If buyer purchases the property directly from the listing REALTOR®, there is only one single property and doesn't have other choice. If buyers use Edwin Lam as their buyer's REALTOR®, they will have more properties to choose.

  (6) Know the market

        If buyers use Edwin Lam as their buyer's REALTOR®, they will not only get the professional real estate service, but also they will know the market very well.

  (7) Never miss the chance

        Generally, Edwin Lam as buyer's REALTOR® will know the new listing faster than the buyer. Then, the buyer will not miss the chance.

  (8) Know which location is better for the Buyer

        Edwin Lam as your buyer's realtor will analyze your life style and your working place, and help you find your dream home.

  (9) Never waste time

        Edwin Lam as your professional buyer's realtor will show you the properties that your want. You will not waste your valuable time to see houses that you don't like.

  (10) Understand your ability

        Edwin Lam as your professional buyer's agent can analyze your ability and tell you what type of property you can afford, such as detached single house, duplex, apartment or townhouse. You will not waste your time to see properties that you cannot afford to buy.

  (11) Will buyer get the better service if the buyer works with 2 or more realtors at the same time ?

        First of all, Buyer does not need to pay for buyer's agent service. Unless the buyer has signed a buying contract with his/her buyer's agent. If the buyer's agent helps the buyer purchase a home successfully, then the buyer's agent can share a portion of the listing agent's service fee. Otherwise, the buyer's agent has to take care of his/her own cost, for example: car's gasoline, company monthly fee, real estate broad monthly fee, car insurance, telephone fee, computer fee, internet fee, website fee, advertising fee, his/her hard work and time. Also, he/she will not be able to support his/her family monthly expense.

       If the buyer's agent feels that the buyer works with more than one REALTOR®, then he/she may push the buyer to buy any properties whenever they have seen and hope the buyer will buy with him/her because he/she are afraid of that the buyer may buy a property with another agent. Therefore, the buyer may not have a true and honest advice from the buyer's agent. If I meet this kind of buyers, I will  stop to provide my real estate professional service because I do not want to give up my personal principal for providing professional, true and honest real estate service to all my clients who will become my best friends after the sale.

        Moreover, the buyers just wasted their time to see the same house again. Is it wise to do that?

        The bottom line is to find a reliable, honest, and well educated real estate professional REALTOR® to help you purchase your dream home.

If you do need my service, please feel free to call Edwin Lam. (Associate broker, being a licensee who meets educational and experience requirements to be a managing broker, but is providing real estate services under the supervision of a managing broker.)

  (12) Why your real estate representative could not find your dream home for several months?

        There are two main reasons. First, you may require your buyer's representative to find you an under value property. Second, you did not tell your buyer's representative what you really wanted and the location that you might accept. According to my experience, most buyers purchased their dream houses which were not the same request as they thought at the beginning. Therefore, whenever buyers changes their mind, they have to tell their buyer's representative.

  (13) Win Win Relationship

        If you see any properties during any open house, please tell the listing REALTOR® that "Edwin Lam" is your sole Buyer's agent. In order to protect your interest, please remember that don't tell the listing agent about your offer price and conditions; otherwise, I couldn't fight a better deal for you.

  (14) Some real estate licenses protect their hard work

       Lately, some listing REALTORS® only offer the buyer's realtor $10 or $100 if buyer's realtor did not present at the first of all subsequent showing. That means those listing realtors think that if they have done their job; they shall get the full commission. Therefore,  you should not contact the listing realtor for showing if you have  chosen Edwin Lam as your buying agent.

  If you need my professional real estate service, please call

Edwin Lam

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