Edwin Lam 林玉德 


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Real Estate Associate Broker 地產代理  

Buying and Selling Real Estate in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada,

please let me help you, make your dream come true.

      加拿大卑詩省, 哥華大都會 , 物業買賣 ,  交托我手 , 實現你的夢!  


Seller’s Guide

(2) Why Me

Why should you choose me as your real estate listing agent?


(1) I have over 40-year sale experience and skill and know how to handle the buyer's objections.

(2) I am a licensed "Associate Broker". Not only I can provide you with excellent professional real estate service, but also I know all different type of negotiate skills, therefore, I can  get you the best possible price and protect your interest.

     (*Associate broker, being a licensee who meets educational and experience requirements to be a managing broker, but is providing real estate services under the supervision of a managing broker.)

(3) I will serve and provide you with professional real estate service by myself and you will not be surprised to be served by someone you don't know.

(4) Besides MLS Service (Multiple Listing Service) and all brokerage websites, I will use two Full web pages without additional charge to promote your property with enough photos in two languages: English & Chinese in my personal website,   24/7 non stop marketing your property on my website.

(5) I will use my sales experience, and provide you with professional knowledge to improve your property and make your house sell more easier.

(6) I will use a Special Marketing Method  (I will tell you the details when we have a private meeting) to sell your house at the best possible price in a shorter time.

(7) Honesty is my principal. Treat my clients as my best friends. 

(8)I give you 100% guaranty of my professional real estate service.

      No Sale No Pay.

(9)Help you understand agency relationships.

If you need my professional real estate service, please call .

Edwin Lam

Associate Broker



Not intended to solicit properties already listed for sale.

There is nothing more important to my continued success as a Realtor than the referrals I receive from you who recommend my service to others.